The News - Part 4

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7th   Feb 2018

The United States of American!

I have recently finished adding my United States gallery to the Chilby Photography website. At this stage it includes 63 images of New York City, if you click on the photo to the right it will take you to the new gallery. I am currently working on 2 more new galleries to be released soon, they include photos from across Alaska and Canada.
New York Photography

1st    Jan 2018

HaPpY NeW YeAr 2018!

I would like to wish all of my customers and followers a very Happy New Year and all of the very best for the year ahead. Thank you for all of your ongoing support throughout 2017 from Brad Chilby. If you would like to check out all of the latest photos please click on the photo to the right. I am currently working on adding more new images and hope to have many new images from the U.S.A, Canada and Alaska added soon.
Happy New Year 2018

31st   Dec  2017

A Customer's Order.

Thank you to Nadia from Nadia Barlow Communications in Wollongong for purchasing this beautiful photograph of Cradle Mountain in Tasmania as a 16x24 Inch framed photograph for a Christmas Present. It's just one example of the quality locally made products that Chilby Photography produces. We can can also Matted Prints, Print Only's, Canvas, Metal Prints, Glass Prints or Acrylic Photo Blocks. For enquires please contact Brad Chilby on 0425 308 433 email: [email protected] or click on the photo to the right to visit the contact us page.
16x24 Inch framed photo purchase

30th   Dec  2017

All the Latest Aerial Photographs from across the Illawarra.

I have just updated all the latest aerial photography images of the Illawarra region with 270 images covering almost every part of the Wollongong, Shellharbour and Kiama areas. If you would like to hire Chilby Photography for a commercial aerial shoot or if you would like a framed photo, canvas, metal or glass print done please contact Brad Chilby on 0425 308 433 or by email: [email protected] To view the 270 images of the region please click on the photo to the right which will take you to the gallery.
Aerial Photographer

29th   Dec  2017

The Back Cover of the Wollongong Visitor Guide for 2018.

This photograph of Bald Hill at sunset was used by Destination Wollongong for the back cover of the Wollongong Visitor Guide for 2018. If you would like to use my images to do something similar or for your own project I have all of my images available for purchase as Stock Images. For Stock Image pricing click on the photo to the right. To place an order or for more information please call Brad Chilby on 0425 308 433 or email: [email protected]
Wollongong Visitor Guide

29th   Dec  2017

Stock Images Galore!

This Christmas Flyer came up really nicely and was sent out to households by a local Member of Parliament who wanted to use a photo of the area that she represents. It's a great idea and looks amazing. If you would like to do something similar you can contact Brad Chilby: 0425 308 433 email: [email protected] click on the photo to the right for more information on stock images.
Anna Watson MP

28th   Dec  2017

Custom Framing...

This custom frame was an order that came in prior to Christmas, it was for a retirement gift and included 3 - 8x12 inch photos of the Illawarra, along with an engraved plaque and a black matboard. If you have a custom idea that you would like done please let me know...I'm sure we can do it. Please contact Brad Chilby on 0425 308 433 or [email protected] for enquires or click on the photo to the right which will take you to the contact us page.
Custom Framing Chilby Photography

28th   Dec  2017

Glass Prints...

A customer recently sent me this photograph of 3 large 30x45 Inch glass photographs that were installed at a local Wollongong business last month. They came up really nice along with some framed photographs for the other rooms. I really like the look of both Glass and Metal Prints, especially for modern homes of offices. If you are interested in any of my glass or metal products please click on the photo to the right which will take you to my contact us page or you can reach Brad Chilby on 0425 308 433 or [email protected]
Glass Prints Chilby Photography

28th   Dec  2017

Multi Panel Photos!

A customer sent in this photograph of a recent installation using one of my Sydney Harbour photographs as a multi panel framed canvas image. The colours and style were picked to suit the new modern style interior of the home. Any of my images can be customised to suit your needs, I can do multi panel images, panoramas, framed canvas, acrylic photo blocks, glass or metal prints, Kitchen and bathroom splash backs and more. For enquires please contact Brad Chilby: 0425 308 433 or by email [email protected] If you click on the photo to the right and it will take you to the contact us page.
Custom Framimg Illawarra

27th   Dec  2017

New photos of the Eurobodalla and Sapphire Coast!

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas...I have just spent some time updating my photographs in many of my galleries. If you click on the photo to the right it will take you to the latest shots from the beautiful Eurobodalla region on the South Coast or you can click HERE. I have also updated the Sapphire Coast gallery with some more of my latest shots. If you click HERE it will take you to the photos of the stunning Sapphire Coast region.
The Eurobodalla Region

25th   Dec  2017

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I would to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, I hope everyone has a safe and happy Christmas period this year! Thank you to all my customers for your support throughout the year. Thank you to all of my followers on social media for continuing to follow and support my work. All the best from Brad Chilby - Chilby Photography.
Merry Christmas Wollongong

16th   Dec  2017

Scary Movie Cover...

Up on top of the mountain at Darkes Forest we got out an Akubra and a Driza-bone jacket on a cold and foggy Summer's night. We did a number of different shots utilising the street lights shinning through the fog, many looking like the fitting cover for a scary movie. It was on a lonely road in the bush at about midnight and in the photo to the right you can see some red brake lights. I was shooting from within a dark area away from the lights so the car hadn't seen me. Surprisingly he pulled up and asked if our scary character that was standing in the middle of the road would like a lift. I was quite surprised, as I certainly wouldn't stop for a guy standing in the middle of the road, in the middle of the bush, in the middle of the night, by himself wearing a trench coat.
Darkes Forest Movie Cover

1st   Nov  2017

Grandparents Day and Seniors Card offers!

Chilby Photography is a partner of NSW Grandparents day and Seniors Card. Chilby Photography offers a discount to Seniors card holders and for NSW Grandparents day we have a special offer running on Canvases 16x24 inch or larger. This offer will entitle you to a saving of $60.00 off the total price of a large canvas. If you click on the photo to the right it will take you to the NSW Grandparents Day special offers.
Seniors Card

23rd   Oct  2017

Canada, USA, Alaska Photography Trip!!

In July and August I travelled to the USA, Canada and Alaska taking 15,000 photos in 6 weeks. I first arrived in New York city, I then travelled to Niagara Falls, Toronto and Edmonton. From Edmonton I hired a car and drove on the right hand side of the road for the first time through the Rocky Mountains to Jasper, Banff, Calgary, Columbia Icefields, Lake Louise, Emerald Lake and Moraine Lake. I then visited Kelowna, Whistler, Vancouver and Vancouver Island in beautiful Canada before heading to Alaska. In Alaska I saw the amazing coastal areas of Ketchikan, Skagway, Juneau, Haines, Glacier Bay, College Fjords, Whittier, Anchorage before heading inland to Fairbanks, the North Pole and the Denali National Park. It was an amazing trip. I am slowly getting through the photos and uploading to the website. If you click on the photo to the right there will be more and more photos appearing over the coming weeks in the International galleries.
Canada, USA, Alaska Photos

07th   July 2017

New Stock at Keiraville Newsagency and Gift Shop!!!!

Chilby Photography now has a range of matted prints available at the new Keiraville newsagency and gift shop at Shop 2 - 207 Gipps Road, set in the beautiful little village at the base of Mount Keira. Just go in and see Susan who will assist you, the photographs are all of the local area and include a variety of shots from Keiraville and the greater Wollongong area. Click on the photo to the right to see more locations who range Chilby Photography products.
Keiraville Newsagency

30th   June 2017

A beautiful place called Kiama!

We are very lucky here in the Illawarra to be surrounded by such beautiful landscapes. Kiama is a region in the south of the Illawarra between the mountains and the sea. It has a little bit of everything from a busy village, beautiful beaches, unique rock formations, rolling green valleys, waterfalls and luscious rainforests. If you click on the photo to the right it will showcase some of my photos of the region that are true to what this area really is and are taken by an Illawarra local.
Photos of Kiama

25th   June 2017

Did You Know ...

Every single photograph by Chilby Photography has had very little processing done to it on Photoshop, and that's what makes my images a little different and unique. I don't use HDR, I don't stitch images and I don't use multiple layers to edit. All photos are single layer images, very close to what comes straight off the camera with minimal tweaking done to the shot afterwards. I believe this  produces a photograph true to nature or the environment that it was taken in. I can proudly 100% guarantee that all images are one single shot. Click on the photo to the right to view some of my photographs from around Australia.
Single Layer Images

18th   May 2017

New Wollongong Photo booth company.

Boothtopia is a new photo booth company in the Illawara region that offers new, elegant and sophisticated options for photo booths. They cater for Weddings, Parties and all other types of functions.

For more information on the packages along with photos of the booths please support another local business and click on the photo to the right to visit their website.

Boothtopia Wollongong

1st   May 2017

I Love Waterfalls!

Waterfalls have been one of my favourite subjects since I started photography and even before that. I have spent endless hours hiking to remote waterfalls and have been doing this since about the age of 10. I love being out in the wilderness and exploring new places. I have found many unnamed waterfalls over the years but have put a lot of effort into hiking long distances to find them. I have put together this gallery with some of the waterfalls from around the country. Click on the photo to the right to check it out.

Waterfall Photographs

1st   May 2017

Abstract Art...

Every now and then I try and take photographs that are a little bit different from the usual and create an abstract look to the shot by slowing panning my camera as I take it. I like do this type of shot in the forest particularly if it is foggy or down a lonely lane lined with tall trees. I hope to continually populate this gallery with more photos over the remainder of the year.

Abstract Photography