Behind the Scenes

"You only live once and then you are dead forever"

I absolutely love photography and I absolutely love the places that photography takes me! I have a real passion for the environment and the natural world. I love adventure and exploring, discovering new places and being out in the middle of no where with no signs of human life at all. I put it all on the line for my passion of photography and it has taken me on many journeys and has provided me with many amazing opportunities. I have climbed to the top of Australia's highest peaks in blizzard conditions. I've dug a snow cave to escape the elements for lunch. I've touched the snow on the top of Tasmania's highest mountains. I've walked amongst the tallest trees and freshest air in the world. I've climbed to the base of many giant waterfalls to get a different perspective. I've walked across rivers that cold I couldn't feel my legs and hiked in the mountains for days on end. I've enjoyed breakfast on an open fire in a cave very high up on the mountain, waiting for the sun to rise. I've seen many amazing sunrises and sunsets and I've traveled across Australia, Great Britain and Europe.

Here is a behind the scenes look at some of my adventures. Click on any of the photos below to view the gallery. To see more photos from behind the scenes, you can visit my Facebook page by clicking HERE or my Instagram by click HERE. For more information about Chilby Photography please visit the About Us page: HERE.