Photo Title: Childerley Hall

Photo Location: Childerley Hall, Childerley, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

Photo Description: This place means a lot to me personally. My family settled in Bulli, Wollongong N.S.W Australia back in 1818 after arriving from England. Prior to arriving in Australia my family's surname was Childerley and they came from the town of Childerley which is a short distance from Cambridge. It is a beautiful rural village surrounded many other small villages. I can trace my family tree back in this same town to 1085 which was the year of the Doomsday Book. I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to visit Childerley and this place felt very special to me during my time there. The Elizabethan style house has a unique history of its own. King Charles the first seeked refuge in the house in 1647 whilst trying to avoid capture by Oliver Cromwell, Oliver Cromwell ended up capturing King Charles the first here and held him under house arrest. It was the first time the two seen each other face to face. King Charles the first escaped but was re captured and hung in the tower of London in 1649. This was the only short time in England's long history that it became a republic.

The town of Childerley and my home region of the Illawarra are closely linked via this story from my family tree:

Once upon a time there was a man called Thomas Childerley. He worked as a gardener in a large castle in England. He and the daughter (Elizabeth) of the owner of the castle who was Lord, fell in love and wished to marry. The father of Elizabeth refused, and the couple eloped to London, where they purchased a large sailing boat, which they filled with sheep and cattle, and sailed to Australia. They changed their surname before marrying in London from Childerley to Chilby, so that Elizabeth's father couldn't follow them and bring his daughter back to England. When they arrived in Australia, the colony was on the brink of starvation, and the Chilby's allowed the sheep and cattle to be slaughtered to provide food for the starving convicts. In return for this they were offered all the land between Helensburgh and Kiama which is now the Illawarra region. As this land was worthless at the time the Chilby's broke up the land into lots and gave it away.

Date Taken: July 2013

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Childerley Hall

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