Product: Select from a Small 8x12 Inch Fridge Art Magnet or a Large 12x18 Inch Fridge Art Magnet

Description: This is a fridge magnet containing one photograph of Boonerah Point Jetty on Lake Illawara, New South Wales as seen on the photo above. Fridge in illustration is not included.

Price: Small - 8x12 Inch - $15.00 / Large - 12x18 Inch - $25.00

Postage: FREE Australian Postage. Standard International Postage rates apply.

All of my products are 100% Made. Designed and Printed in Australia.

Custom Photo: Want to pick your own photo for this fridge magnet? Note down any Chilby Photography photo from the open edition galleries and include the product code in email to

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Boonerah Point Magnet

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